Hello and welcome to another microbrand review. Today's piece is pretty exclusive, in fact so exclusive it has its own members club. Club 300, Club 300 is the brainchild of Dutch microbrand, Bulief Watch company, Originally founded in 2021, there a modern company, inspired by vintage designs that wanted to create a timepiece that will be forever in style along with staying within the companies beliefs. 


So let's get into it, Now usually I start with the case as a lot of brands I have written about have pretty generic packaging. That is most definitely not the case here, As Bulief wants to create an experience for the consumer from the very start. Now have they done this or are they all style with no substance? Read on to find out. Firstly The Lozenge, ( Not the one for your throat) This is the name of the watch. Presented in a beautifully finished wooden box, with polished silver buckles along with the company's logo taking center stage in the middle.  I almost feel there should be dramatic music playing when you're opening the box, But when you do, you're presented with a sight for sore eyes. With a plush black interior soft to the touch, you have your two-year warranty card, instruction manual, and a certificate adorned with your name as proof of being one of the first 300 owners of THE Lozenge. Not forgetting the star attraction The Lozenge which shines bright as it sits on its plush cushion, kind of saying, yeah I know I look dam good.

Moving on to the case, Made from 316l stainless steel the brushed 38.5mm case with a lug to lug  45.5mm and a thickness of 12.5mm, is the perfect compromise for those wanting a watch with a presence without dominating the wrist. To the side is where you'll find your polished engraved beveled crown nestled between your two pushers. But the real star of the case is the unique design on the case back, designed especially for the limited edition Lozenge, it captivates you and draws your eye into the amazing attention to detail to the watch's screw-down case back that offers 50 meters of water resistance.  But this is, without doubt, a watch to be admired by those on dry land. 

Now to dial with style, Firstly on the outside, we have a fixed polished bezel and double-domed sapphire crystal which unfortunately was lacking any form of Ar coating, which is only a minor issue but still one to note nonetheless. The detail on the matte black dial with grey sunken textured minute and 24hour  sub-dials really draws you in. With features galore, to some, it may feel a bit busy to personally I loved it. You have a date window at six o clock with white numerals it really pops out against the matte black background. For those with a need for speed, you have a tachymeter running along the outside of the 24-hour chapter ring. Now with a black dial and white numerals, your watch is going to have to have hands that really stand out and Bulief has nailed it here, thanks in part to the watch's movement the, VK64 Hybrid Chronograph with sweeping hand and instant chronograph reset. This movement ensures that the polished hour, minute, and seconds hand which is tipped with a red coating, never skips a beat.

Last but by no means least we come to the strap. The Lozenge features a high-quality quick-release 20mm grey suede strap with an engraved polished clasp. Ensuring from the minute you receive your watch you are guaranteed a quality customer experience from start to finish. 

Final Thoughts 

Let's talk figures The Lozenge, which is available in Gold or Silver comes in at 395euro and for that for getting a Really nice watch, One thing for me personally although I said it was only a minor detail, I feel AR coating should really have been applied here. With that said I would still recommend Bulief, For one reason, The finishing, for a brand that is very much new to the market to bring out a watch with such impeccable finishing really is a testament to the passion they have for the watch world. So what are you waiting for click the link below to secure a special watch and be part of 'THE ORIGINAL 300'. Thanks for reading.