Carreau, Homage or Not?



Hello and welcome to another review, Today's watch is a first for the page and for me personally. Its SQUARE, in fact, Bahrain-based company Carreau only produces square watches, ranging in sizes from 34mm for the ladies right up to 40mm for the men or women who want a watch with real presence on the wrist. 


Ok let's get right into it starting with the packaging, nestled underneath its cardboard sleeve is your Carreau watch sitting front and center on a rather plush cushi0n, complete with a pull-out drawer underneath, which houses an additional rubber strap, instructions, and warranty card. As first impressions go, I'm impressed. 

On to the watch itself, we have a 40mm stainless steel case topped with a flat sapphire crystal with built-in Ar coating which is always a welcome addition, especially for those who like to take the odd snap or two of there timepieces. As part of their ''RACER '' collection, there is also the addition of a tachymeter which unfortunately given that the watch is square, is a case of style over substance. 

Dial Time, This is where we start to see the homage factor. For those of us who collect watches or even those that don't, I'm sure you have seen a celebrity wearing a Rolex Daytona, whether you knew it or not. Here we have a Daytona homage, they say certain things just don't go, like when you were a kid trying to get the square shape into the round hole, no matter how hard you tried it just wouldn't fit. That's the feeling I get here, in my opinion, it feels like two watches in one with the bezel and case acting as a frame for the dial.                                                                                                                                                                                              Let's talk about the dial it features a sunburst tiffany blue style at its core with three contrasting black sub-dials, offering your hour, minutes, and seconds. Polished silver, hour, minute, and seconds hands feature applied lume which along with your lume coated hour indices, meaning time telling day or night won't be an issue here.

So what's powering the Carreau ''Racer''? this is where I feel an improvement should be made, On offer is a Miyota js20 quartz movement, which can be picked up on aliexpress for $25. Given the watch's £480 price tag I would expect a better offering here, with that said the js20 is maintenance-free and should last you 3-5 years at which point you can simply unscrew the case back and pop in a replacement. 

The highlight is the stainless steel bracelet which has a superior feel to it with polished center links and a fold-over deployment clasp with safety and the addition of no less than five micro-adjustments, this is a bracelet that will they fit any wrist size.


Now I know it sounds like I've been pretty harsh here, But I'm here to offer my opinion and how I honestly feel about a particular watch. If you get over the fact that it's a square homage, with a fixed tachymeter bezel, and is on the slightly higher end than what you'd expect to pay for one of its more regular-shaped counterparts. Then you do get a solidly, built timepiece, that is maintenance-free and bound to be a conversation starter. You can check them out below and use code- Shoestring20 for 20% off the entire collection.