Hello and welcome to another review. Recently I was lucky enough to get my hands on a watch my Dumoreau.  A microbrand founded in sunny California by award winning architect, product designer and watch fanatic,  Carlo Aiello.  After years of designing for others , Carlo decided to turn his passion for watches into a business and in 2020 The Dumoreau Watch Company was founded. 

Review Time

So let's get straight into it. Ladies & Gentlemen  I give you the , DM01 by Dumoreau.  Starting as always with the case. Made from our dear friend,  316L Stainless Steel, the brushed case of the Dm01 demands attention, with a diameter of just 38.6mm it really is punching above it's weight class. With a steeped bezel drawing you into a truly spectacular dial, with a deep blue textured dial that gets darker as it reaches the lume coated baton markers, almost as if your sinking to hhe oceans surface. Coated with scratch resistant sapphire crystal. 



The Dm01 comes on a integrated bracelet with a  brush finish and tapers down from 22.7mm to 16mm, there is a lack of microbrand adjustments and be warned make sure you have the right size screwdriver if removing links as they are screwed in. While the bracelet looks great, the sides do appear slightly on the sharp sized, but nothing that should cause concern. 

Now there is no point producing a watch that looks and feels this good if your going to throw in a cheap and cheerful movement. It would be like putting a 1.0 litre engine in a Porsche,  all style but no substance. 
Thankful Dumoreau , Continue to deliver right till the very end. Powering the Dm01 is the Miyota 9039, part of Miyota's premium line.  Providing accuracy of between-10 - +30seconds per day , along with 24 jewels ensuring all component's run smooth as silk, Finished of with a perfect 42 hour power reserve. 


Overall Thoughts 

Overall i am impressed for a first release,  Dumoreau have delivered a quality , reliable and astechically pleasing watch at a little under $500. The RRP is $495 and delivery is due yo start in November.  But be warned, This is a limited edition and only 40 pieces will be available.  
You can check out the Dm01 and the Dm02 below. As always thanks for reading.  Take care.