Nandez Time



Welcome to another review, Today's watch is abit different from what I usually review. You see Nandez Watches are effectively a supplier of homage watches, but recently decided to launch their own individual line of watches. One Silver and One Gold. But are they any good?


Let's jump straight in starting as always with the case. Made from wait for it, drum roll, yes 316l stainless steel. The brushed 8mm thick, 40mm case, has a hint of AP Vibes with its fixed hexagon-style shaped bezel. To the side is where the rather impressive polished push-pull crown is located. Completing the case is a screw-down case back with the brand's logo engraved in the center.

Unfortunately, all is not straightforward with The Nandez, As we move on to the dial, some concerns are raised. Starting with the Mineral Crystal, it just feels and sounds very fragile and that a slight knock would shatter it, Be that true or not I would feel more confident with acrylic, while the visibility wouldn't be as clear as that in mineral any damage could be easily buffed out or replaced for minimal cost. The dial itself is the definition of minimalism, featuring polished stick indexes and highly polished hour, minute, and seconds hands.  All of these stand out from the matte black or matte gold dial depending on which watch you choose. For me the Silver Nandez has a much more pleasing aesthetic, as I feel the gold is just too much in your face.

Off we go to the integrated bracelet which tapers down from 24mm to a pretty pleasant 17mm, completed with a push-button butterfly clasp. The watch itsel Overall the bracelet while blending seamlessly with the case, it is definitely lacking in the quality department, with the edges feeling sharp to the touch and a clasp that feels rather stiff.  Behind the Nandez is a Japanese quartz movement, which will easily last you two-three years before it needs any attention.

Overall Thoughts

While the Silver Nandez is easy on the eye. I just feel for the price of $199. There are simply a lot better watches out there offering more bang for your buck. With that said if you are after a watch, for Style then by all means give them a go. Currently, you can pick up both watches for $199, as they are currently running a bogof offer.