SONER- The brand built on family



Greetings, and welcome to another review. Today we packed a bag and flew across to Sweden  ( not literally, but one day). Today I bring you the MOMENTUM by Soner. I'll keep the history lesson brief as well let's be honest you hear for the watch. So owner Freddie wanted to create a piece that was different from the regular circular design. A fan of Art-Deco design he wanted to implement this into his watches and well you'll find out if I think he was mad or a genius. 

Freddie is the definition of a proud father, so when he was coming up with a name he wanted to include his two young sons, William and Widar in some capacity. Well, he definitely managed that, The name Soner means Sons in Swedish and the brand's logo of an intertwined w snd s combine the company's name with his son's first names, all topped off with three dots to symbolize, Freddie, William, and Widar.


Sorry for a longer than usual intro but I just wanted to give you an idea of the man behind the brand. Right, review time as I mentioned above the watch I'll be reviewing today is the MOMENTUM, the second release by the brand the first automatic by the brand. Starting as always with the case, let's talk dimensions for a second, 45mm lug to lug, 35mm diameter and 11mm thick. The Momentum 78-gram case is like walking into a house of mirrors, with its 316l polished stainless steel a nightmare for those with OCD or those who see a bit of dust on their watch as a third-world problem. 

Personally, I love it as the dimensions of the case allow for a little bit of bling, the watch is extremely wearable on my slim 6.5-inch wrist and yes folks it's black tie ready as it fits comfortably under a shirt. Finishing off the case we have a brushed case back engraved with the watch's specs and securing the dial we have a beautifully curved sapphire crystal with an impressive 5 layers of Ar Coating. 

Now off to the dial, this part of the review will be short and sweet for one simple reason the dial on The Momentum is the definition of minimalism, with that said what is on offer is done very well. Starting with a crisp matte white dial, with contrasting silver hour numerals, Lume coated hour and minute hands,( the lume is not the strongest but perfectly effective for two minutes). Finishing off the dial we have the brand's name and logo. Yes there is not much to look at but this is a dress watch, the saying less is more fits this watch perfectly.

Time to move, Powering the Momentum is the Miyota 9039 self-winding automatic movement. Now given this watches price point the 9039 is a more than acceptable movement to offer the consumer. With an accuracy of -10 to + 30 seconds per day, 24  jewels ensure the mechanics work smoothly, hacking and hand winding capabilities, and a power reserve of 42 hours, the Momentum has provided a real workhouse of movement and one that is known for its reliability. 

Last but by no means least we have the watch's calf leather, with a lug width of 22mm, which while appearing stiff at first soon softens up, no pin buckle clasp here, Soner has given us a polished butterfly clasp engraved with the company's logo. I am a huge fan of this strap and finish, it brings a real sense of quality to the Momentum, 

Final Thoughts 

Soner has done a great job here. The watch arrives in a small recyclable box with your watch placed in a small drawstring pouch. It's clear all emphasis is on the watch and not providing flashy boxes or extras that let's be honest you don't need. Instead, Freddie has focused on producing a solid timepiece with a reliable movement. What would I change? One thing and that would be to make the strap with quick-release pins and honestly, that's it. The watch has an RRP of £295 and based on what you get for your money I think it's more than competitively priced. You can check out Soner in the link below as always thanks for reading.