The Statesman, By ODE



Ode Watches was founded in Denmark in 2020, By Jacob and Elizabeth Staehr. They are the third generation of the Staehr family to enter the watch world. Coming from a family that has been involved in every part of the industry, since 1942. This companies main goal is to become completely carbon neutral.


Let's get into it. Starting with THE BOX.  They wanted to create something unique here, rather then a run of mill bog-standard box that you are likely to throw away. With that said,  they made a box that is is completely Fsc certified, ( FSC ensures traceability of products from the forests to the point of sale. Products that are manufactured from responsibly harvested forests are identified with the FSC logo, which is considered the "gold standard" of forest certification by major environmental groups). The box features a removal cushion, which leaves you plenty of storage for, extra straps, watches, or whatever you want. As well the 11-year warranty, 3 additional straps, a booklet on the history of the company and of course the watch itself.

The Watch

Ok, I apologize, that is easily the longest introduction about a watch box ever. So let's talk about the watch in question. The Statesman, You have two options here, buy the watch on its own, or pay a little bit extra and get four additional straps. So I chose the latter, as let's be honest you can never have enough straps. Made of 316l stainless steel with a  lug2lug of just 44mm and a  thickness of 9mm, ODE have created a watch that will definitely appeal to both sexes. With a choice of three dials, you are bound to find one that takes your fancy.

I opted for The silver and white option which comes in with a diameter of just 37.5mm, featuring a slate-like grey finish, with a classical textured  core, along with polished markers, and very smart polished, seconds, minute, and hour hands, which give a real classic look. The dial is covered with a domed mineral crystal, which gives the impression of a much deeper dial, which given its size is a nice touch. Last be not least, the Movement. Nothing fancy here, but still a reliable, low maintenance, Miyota quartz movement . Which should keep ticking for at least 2 years. 

Final Thoughts

While it may be small, ODE is offering a good watch here, that will have mass appeal. There are two price options. 129euro will get you any of The Statesman Range with a stock strap, or for an extra 20euro, you get 3 additional straps. Personally, id go for the second option as I like to change straps regularly.

To check them for yourself simply click the link below.